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From the moment he first heard the opening notes of Tom Waits’s “Ol 55” at the age of 4, Jake has been hooked on music. He has a Ph.D. in Music Theory from the University of Michigan after receiving a MA from the University of Minnesota and a BA from the University of Rochester.


Inspired by artists such as John Hiatt, Randy Newman, and Tom Waits among others, Jake’s songs are marked by their lyricism and roots in American songwriting traditions. Whether it’s falling in love, falling out of it, or just wanting to have a good time on a Friday night, Jake writes about it.


Jake enjoys co-writing as well as solo writing and works with artists in the United States and abroad. He has pop/rock cuts with Nashville artist Ainsley Costello, indie singer/songwriter Andy Brink, and country Texas artists Pamela Mary and Sam Beck. He has forthcoming songs with Filipino singer Oding, Australian artist Rae Leigh, and country singer Jeremy Rowe. He currently has songs being pitched to major label artists in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles.


His studio work includes a self-titled album with the Minneapolis folk-rock band Little Riddles and Rochester, NY band Saucy Jack. In his spare time, Jake maintains an active performing schedule, playing in venues up and down the East Coast.

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